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Dietetic Internship Program

Bay Pines VA Healthcare System Dietetic Internship Program

Dear Applicant,
Thank you for your interest in the Bay Pines VA Healthcare System Dietetic Internship Program located in Bay Pines, Florida.The 42-week internship has a program concentration in nutrition therapy.  You will see after browsing through our Web site that our dietetic internship program offers diverse learning experiences which will prepare you for a variety of positions in the field of dietetics.

Some unique qualities which may not be immediately apparent when browsing through our Web site include the following:

Preceptors: We have a very dedicated staff of highly qualified dietitians and a teaching environment that promotes education and evidence-based practice. Our small class size of 8 interns means that you will get specialized and individualized attention from the internship director. With the exception of some of our management and community rotations, only one intern is assigned to a preceptor at a time, allowing for maximum attention to your learning experience.

Curriculum: The program is hospital-based with rotations in general medicine (cardiology,neurology and oncology),  surgery and nutrition support, geriatrics, rehabilitative medicine, outpatient counseling, diabetes and renal. These rotations are supplemented with experiences in the community, such as pediatrics, school food service, Extension Service and WIC.

Increased job opportunities: We will assist you in finding employment in the government or in the private sector. With over 100 VA Medical Centers across the country, you will have increased opportunities to work for the VA.

Stipend: Interns in our program receive a stipend, which is paid throughout the course of the internship.

Graduate Credit: Interns have the option to receive graduate credit for their weekly applied practice classes and completed special project. Graduate credit has been granted from the University of South Florida, College of Public Health.

Please take all of these points into consideration when making your decision of how to rank your program choices. Should you have any questions, or should you wish to schedule an appointment to come and visit the medical center, please do not hesitate to contact the Internship Director (727) 398-6661 extension 4449.

Sharon Hickman, MPH, RD, LD/N
Dietetic Internship Director
(727) 398-6661, extension 4449

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